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 U.S. plan developed super digital spectacles

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U.S. plan developed super digital spectacles  Empty
PostSubject: U.S. plan developed super digital spectacles    U.S. plan developed super digital spectacles  Icon_minitimeMon Jan 03, 2011 10:57 pm

According to the cheap oakley sunglasses technology Gizmo does. Blogging web site com12 24th reports, the pentagon subordinate research institutions Drape are developing a new function super digital glasses, it will help us soldiers breakthrough bare eye sight restrictions, become "eye view back" super warrior.
U.S. soldier’s presently mainly using intelligent mobile phones as battlefield contact tool, in recent years the technology development trend is also use handheld portable devices to strengthen the soldier's in-game adjustments ability. However, all these devices are only 2d displaying, and need to use ray ban wayfarer sunglasses from the real battle line of sight diverted.
Which Darla’s working on this cheap chanel sunglasses (called for by soldiers in the center of computer image enhancement system) digital glasses will have a series of advanced functions, including the soldiers real-time present battlefield 360 degrees full 3D images, using the perspective is 10 times zoom telescopic help soldiers clearly distinguish a mile outside of the object, and instantly shows additional tasks, dangerous alarm, target tracking, gun fire detection, trajectory tracking men prada sunglasses such as layer information computer image enhancement system.
In addition, men gucci sunglasses will also join the optical fiber network communication "function, this function can be other soldiers, and no equipment the image taken from consolidation and displayed in the wearer's eyes. SCENICC self-contained power supply system can under routine conditions continuous supply more than 24 hours, and the whole glasses quality less than 700 grams, accomplish truly a flexible and deft.
According to the Drape and the pentagon, dior homme sunglasses will sign the contract within two years to develop eye movement control focus function, and in the third year to finish the computer image enhancement system, in the fourth year all Angle view accomplish 360 degrees, and then enter the system integration development stage.
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U.S. plan developed super digital spectacles
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