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  Late pregnancy tries not to wear contact lenses flour

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 Late pregnancy tries not to wear contact lenses flour  Empty
PostSubject: Late pregnancy tries not to wear contact lenses flour     Late pregnancy tries not to wear contact lenses flour  Icon_minitimeMon Jan 03, 2011 11:09 pm

oakley sunglasses online can also affect the quantity and quality of the tear film in pregnancy, about 80 percent of women's ray ban 3025 secretion capacity is reduced (mainly water liquid layer secretes inadequacy). While pregnant eyelid edema layer because eyelid inflammation, destroying the grease is secreted, makes the layers of the tear film water liquid layer are more likely to evaporation. So tears tear film to the reduction of amount and qualitative unstable, it is apt to cause the dry eye symptoms, influence of wear contact lens.
Pregnant to chanel sunglasses sale conjunctiva influence is can make small blood vessel spasm and conjunctiva contraction, leading to decreased blood flow. And to the crystalline form infiltration degrees increase, can make crystal radian steeper, eye myopic degree will increase, make originally appropriate contact lenses become degree is insufficient, lead to see things to see.
About 30 percent of cheap gucci sunglasses have to wear contact lenses questions that the most basically is to wear contact lenses uncomfortable (especially hard invisible glasses), and the other if feel lenses surface oily degree increase (mainly mucous heap accumulation, often feel lenses of existence, wearing time than usual, shorten and so on, therefore during pregnancy to reduce wear contact lens of time and frequency, especially for the last three months of prada sunglasses sale, preferably can not wear contact lenses to wear ordinary glasses.
If there is usually wear glasses, the ordinary frame during pregnancy is unfavorable to wear contact lenses, if original wear contact lenses, then no discomfort early cheap dior sunglasses can continue to wear, but it's better to reduce wear time, but in clean to strengthen (because lens deposition on will increase).
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Late pregnancy tries not to wear contact lenses flour
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