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 Late pregnancy try not to wear contact lenses one

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PostSubject: Late pregnancy try not to wear contact lenses one    Mon Jan 03, 2011 11:10 pm

Invisible glasses is wearing in front of the cheap dior sunglasses of conjunctiva up correct refractive error correction Angle, through winked at tear exchange, making the cornea receive oxygen supply and get rid of metabolic product. So corneal conjunctiva structure and the quantity and quality of the prada sunglasses sale, and contact lenses wear comfortable or not has the very big relations, the structure and function in the pregnancy stages will be affected.
Pregnancy stages of average weight can add about 11 cheap gucci sunglasses , and the body more storage about 6.5 liters of water. And corneal contain seventy percent of the water, so it is eyeball by pregnant moisture increased first part of the biggest influence. According to the research points, during be pregnant, corneal thickness rose by an average of almost three percent, and the more to chanel sunglasses sale, corneal thickness increases the more obvious.
On the other hand, corneal sensitivity during ray ban 3025 is reduced, it has nothing to do with corneal thickness was increased, but will influence the corneal reflection and protection of eyeball function, this kind of phenomenon in production after six to eight weeks can return to normal. The cornea radian during pregnancy will also some change in pregnancy, and more significantly, corneal radian change makes oakley sunglasses online wear appropriate contact lenses become inappropriate.
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Late pregnancy try not to wear contact lenses one
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