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 Wear contact lenses can prevent ultraviolet?

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PostSubject: Wear contact lenses can prevent ultraviolet?   Mon Jan 03, 2011 11:13 pm

Invisible oakley sunglasses online as a method of correctional eyesight already get people generally accepted.
Recently, on the ray ban 3025 and launched a purporting to ultraviolet prevention lenses caused numerous consumers' concern. However, studies show that invisible glasses absorb ultraviolet light effect, has yet to prove.
Science considers proving, the strong chanel sunglasses sale is the main reason people with cataract. The Johns Hopkins university researchers think that more than 1 hour everyday basks in the sun, 1 years with risk of cataracts and increase 10%. Previous studies have shown that, outdoor prada sunglasses sale if not wearing sunglasses and a hat, patients with cataract danger is three times the average person.
Ultraviolet rays in sunlight can be divided into three categories: UVA and UVB and UVC. Among them, the vast majority of the ozone layer UVA by the atmosphere absorb, and UVB, and UVC consists mainly of corneal epithelium and eyeball of crystalline absorption, this is the main cheap gucci sunglasses of lead to cataracts.
As is known to cheap dior sunglasses, lenses only cover part of the cornea, and ultraviolet ray of eyelids, whites in areas such as the same can cause damage. Therefore, up lenses not tinted glasses or sunglasses alternatives such as required, people should continue to wear ultraviolet prevention sunglasses.
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Wear contact lenses can prevent ultraviolet?
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